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Is electric boating better..? well we think that answer can only come with another question i.e - Better for who or what.

If we are talking about our oceans and waterways than the answer is a resounding YES.

Looking at it a bit deeper what dose it mean for the average user of an electric boat or an electric outboard, is going electric better for them?

Well at the moment it very much depends on what you are looking for.. If you are looking for a small electric outboard to upgrade and re-power a tender, dinghy or a fishing boat, then as far as we are concerned if you can afford it - it's a no brainer..

An electric outboards makes your life easy and without the need for you to also be a mechanic.

If we look at some of latest designs we can see the progression and note there is something perfect everyone.

for example the brand new RemigoOne electric outboard is lightweight, sleek and stylish to look at, but is also packed full of technology, with a huge amount consideration due to ease of use and operation for it's owner.

Lightweight, powerful, reliable as well as being easy to use and store are just a few of the benefits of this motor. but when you also consider there is no maintenance or winterising required - no running the carb dry, mixing oil or making sure it's stored the right way up. you can just chuck it on the back seat of the car and off you go. - Not to mention you can add this particular outboard to your transom in under 30 seconds making it both safer and easier for anyone to use, with the added advantage of retaining steerage even when the power is shut off making it easy to glide up to the dock still in full control of your vessel at safe speed without all the nose and fuss of blasting a motor to mauver. - RemigoOne is equal to a traditional 3hp outboard with its unique ability to adjust in depth it really is a fantastic one size fits all solution for virtually any small water craft.

* Suggested usage for vessels of up to 1.5 tone or 7m in length. for more information please see

What about the boats we hear you say..

Well with all the recent leaps in technology being used aboard nower days, as well as using the most advanced manufacturing processes possible, whilst combining hydrodynamics and aerodynamics has all meant that we can build incredibly beautiful electric boats that are capable of traveling at 20+ knots. With plenty of range to enjoy effortless coastal cruising in complete opulence, although this particular brand 'Electric Elegance' will only produce a very limited quantity of exclusive boats for it's customers. The lucky few who are able to get on the waiting list have the oportunity to be as involved as possible with the internal customisation of their boat ensuring each boat is the perfect fit for its owner, no mater if being used as a tender for a mega yacht or a day boat for fun with family and friends in coastal waters. Whilst this may be out or reach for many, for others this is the type of investment that brings pure joy to its owner and could actually increase in value through ownership.

more info on this beautiful boat at

What about something slightly more accessible to all...

For those of us that simply want to enjoy time on the water, perhaps the Classic 7 from JR yachts is the perfect choice.

Designed as the perfect picnic cruiser with ample room for family and friends a small cabin for the loo with plenty of space to keep belongings stowed safely out of the way, this is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends enjoying each other’s company without destroying the environment. - It's almost like gliding through a Disney film with the only sounds being of the bow wave and your conversation with the gentile background noise of the countryside along with the pop of the occasional cork and the crunch of your cumber sandwich.

So with all this in mind, in our opinion "Electric Boating" quite literally sounds like a much better way of boating, both for owner and environment, but let us know what you think in the comments bellow...

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EMO Electric
EMO Electric
May 16

The blog is nice, and I agree with you, but my question is what is the effect of electric boating on the cost of boats. I am waiting for your response.

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