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S30 Sportyacht

Domani S30 Sportyacht

Click photo to look around on board.

Silent Yachting electric boats | Domani S30 - The S30 Yacht sailing past the camera in close quarters smiling couple at the helm

"Sportiness and performance hides in every detail"

Domani have two versions of their acclaimed S30 yacht that was indeed nominated for European yacht of the year in 2019.

 The S30 Sportyacht, has a fantastic blend of sporty features, performance, direct steering and the timeless characteristics, with the comfort and luxury of a sailing yacht. The joy of sailing with this 30ft Sportyacht easily rivals the appeal and look of a larger vessel. The aft deck was designed to give great access to the water as well as offering the perfect sun deck to sit or sunbathe on. A refreshing swim is just a plunge away. The interior is luxurious, comfortable with diffused natural light and with a view while the low sheer enhances that grand feeling of becoming one with wind and water.

The Domani S30 is not only beautiful to look at on the outside but she is also luxurious & light on the inside, and has more than enough space within her open airy cabin to relax out of the weather and enjoy lunch whilst anchored at a favourite cove.

 When Day sailing it's not the most important thing to be fast.. But this dose offer an number of advantages for the day-sailor, in the design phase of the S30 speed and sporty features played an important role, in good weather with both the code zero & gennaker carried from a unique bowsprit. the S30 Sportyacht is fast and will put a grin on any helms face!

With the laminate sails, carbon tiller & the bulb keel, as well as an option for a Velocitá edition offering a larger carbon mast. sailing connoisseurs enjoy the direct feeling & responsiveness of the helm and agility of the yacht whilst under sail. not to mention the ease of use with plug and play yachting, it's true, electric boat owners do have more fun and spend less time / money on maintenance. 

Silent Yachting electric boats | Domani S30 -a view from inside the cabin of the Domani S30
Silent Yachting electric boats | Domani S30 - The S30 Sailing fast with a 25 degree lean on a starboard tack

Electric boat owners have more fun - Plug and play yachting at it's very best.

A couple rasing a glass of something special and enjoying time in the sun on the boat
Silent Yachting electric boats | Domani S30 - a couple relaxing on the sun deck of the S30 in the sun

S30 Details

Length hull                 8.40m 

LOA                            8.99m
Draft                     1.8m / 1.2m
LWL                             7.88m

Bmax                           2.46m

DISP. light                 1650kg/ 1800kg

Ballast                        600kg / 700kg    

Mainsail                         20.5m
Jib area                         15.6m
Gennaker area              45m

Code 0                          27 m

Engine      (electric)  2kw/4kw

Mast hight        10.50m / 11.70m       

Air draught        11.80m / 13.00m       

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