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S30 Club

The new DOMANI S30 Club is focused on pure day sailing without the real necessity for overnight comfort..

Sailors are always admiring the lines, sundeck and reversed sheer of the Domani S30 Sportyacht, and we are often asked if it was possible to do something less refined, for Racers, Schools and Charter. So Domani Yachts now make the S30 without the luxury and all the added extras for spending nights on board, and developed the S30 Club.

Silent Yachting the TopView of the Domani Yachts S30
Silent Yachting electric boats | Domani S30 club - Silent Yachting - Domani yachts S30 Club

The S30 Club is only slightly different to look at than the Sportyacht, and can be identified by its white bowsprit and tiller, & by the lack of side windows in the top deck superstructure. (Side windows in the hull are optional). The untrained eye certainly wouldn’t even notice a difference!

As standard, the Club is finished with Seadek soft EVA foam padding for cockpit seats & both fore & aft sun decks, either in light or dark grey as used on the AC & TP52 race boats, with secure grab handles when moving forward, the Club logo also reflected in the graphics. Below decks you will find a minimalist interior.

 The helm possition is also slightley further aft on the Club than it is on the Sportyacht, with the tiller now fitted directly at the rudder stock bearing, this gives the helm the perfect positioning for great line of sight forward down the length of boat as well as offering fantastic spot for control of both the main sheet and tiller, & with motor control in the same position as on the Sportyacht, always ready to go at the push of a button whenever you need the reliability of mechanical drive.

Silent Yachting electric boats | Domani S30 club -Silentyachting Domani S30 club main sheet & tiller
A photo of the Domanis S30 Club logo From Silent

The S30 Club has a 1.2m draft keel, Seldén mast with an air draft of 10.5m, a sleek bowsprit and Harken winches. As the S30 Club is lighter without the more luxurious interior finish, she is also fast and fun with her impressive rig and self tacking Jib. As standard the S30 Club is also equipped with a 2kW Torqeedo E saildrive, making silent running easy and standard. And completely removing the need for regularly spending hours doing dirty maintenance – in fact the Domani S30 Club is groundbreaking in her low maintenance making her exceptionally easy to own.

"In terms of pure sailing pleasure, performance and style, the S30 Club remains one of a kind, and a real head-turner at every port"

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