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JR Yachts Classic 7

Silent Yachting electric boats - JR yachts Logo

Silent Yaching is incredibly proud to have been appointed the exclusive UK agents

for JR Yachts. One of the most progressive electric boat yards in the Netherlands, who have already been involved in many breakthrough moments in electric boating, working with world renouned designers and navel architects for the imminent release of of its full range of high quality electric boats.

The Classic 7 is a 100% electric dayboat gliding effotlesly accross the water in the lake district.

JR Yachts 100% electric Classic 7 Luxury picnic sloop

JR Yachts was founded in 2016 by Jaap de Jonge.

  Jaap has a highly regarded background as a hydrodynamic engineer who spent the vast majority of his career working on design & engineering whilst overseeing R&D operations and projects arround the world for some of the most highley regarded shipyards in the world and being baced in Netherlands. 

While reviewing a new scientific hydrodynamic theory Jaap had a completely new & unique idea for development of electric boats and developed a new ultra-efficient hull type hydrodynamically developed for electric propulsion.


Whilst the majority of other motorboat builders are simply converting standard deep -V hulls with an electric motor, JR Yachts has opted to take a completely new approach and developed a totally new type of hull to optimize the power and thrust developed by an electric drive train. This was a game changer for both performance and range as the characteristics are so different from traditional power units, with a completely new underwater hull profile now specifically developed for electrical hydrodynamic efficiency, instead of just pushing a conventional hull with an E-conversion.

This stunning NEW C7 is a 7 meter electric picnic cruiser that is designed to be easily towed with a small family car, ensuring more fun times out with family and friends.

The JR yachts C7 has been developed from the ground up to be the most advanced picnic cruiser / day boat of its kind, with a completely new hull design developed over the last 12 months with an intensive collaboration between hydrodynamic computer design technology and with real world models, which were then tested in hydro tanks and scaled to give us the final result of this beautiful day boat.  Compared with the most popular types of hull designs already on the market, this advanced new design from JR yachts is an extra 10% more efficient than the next best result. with JR Yachts and the C7 electric boating

Launching in summer 2022 JR Yachts looks to enhance a new direction in electric boating, tirelessly working from their HQ in the Netherlands to deliver ultimate comfort and performance all combined with a beautiful premium finish from their boats. This is achieved by using the same boat building technologies as used on high performance racing yachts and super yacht constructions, using only the highest quality vinyl ester foam sandwich vacuum infusion adding greater strength & better protection than any polyesters can, whilst also offering far greater control during vacuum infusion process to ensure an even coverage of resins and the super high gloss faultless finish this boat deserves.

Silent Yachting electric boats | JR Yachts C7
Silent Yachting electric boats | JR Yachts C7
Silent Yachting electric boats | JR Yachts C7

The JR Yachts Classic 7 is the perfect electric family day boat or tender to a larger vessel with a range of upto 120km! Using it's largest 20.4Kw power pack. All with CE cat C classification to carry up to 6 passengers in complete comfort as you glide across the water effortlessly whilst enjoying the surroundings and conversation with family and friends, complete with A small private toilet cabin in the bow can also be used to store away your possessions should you decide to stop off somewhere.

But that’s not all; the C7 has a range of standard options available to its owner included in the basic cost to enable you to personalise your boat’s look just how you would like. Choices include both interior and exterior hull colours as well as decking and cushion colours. A huge range of choices to make your yacht uniquely yours.

There is of course a full option list with for comfort as well as drive-train technology and stainless-steel options but please do get in touch for more information or to let us know your requirements as we offer a bespoke service to every customer.

If you would like to  trial this incredible new electric day boat please use the button below to send us a quick email detailing your name and preferred contact information with your preferred test area. And we will be in touch to arrange the veiwings. & JR Yachts Classic 7 at the lake

Standard boat spec's

  • LOA: 7.5 meters

  • BOA: 2.5 meters

  • Draft 0.5m

  • Lightweight: aprox 850 kgs empty 

  • Air Draft: aprox 1.10m

  • Hull: high quality gelcoat with vacuum infusion sandwich woven glasfibers with vynilesther.

  • Standard choice of hull colour

  • Standard choice of PVC teak decking.

  • Stand choice of cusion colour

  • Small private toilet cabin

Electric motor options

1 x 4 kWa Pod drive - 7 kts max

1 x 8 kWa Pod drives - 10 kts max

2 x 4 kWa Pod drives - 10 kts max with full electric intellegant digatal drive joy stick control. 

Battery pack options

Stanndard - 13.8 kWa (80 km range)

Option battery packs are

  • 18.4 kWa - (100 km   range)

  •  23.0 kWa -  (120 km range)

As standard JR Yachts are supplied with a 1.5kW charger, and 230v shore power connection. please enquire for fast charging options.

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