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Power Boats  - A photo of the beautiful E32 from JR yacts

Power, Grace, Style, Luxurious &100% electric...

JR Yachts Electric boats - the E32 chaseboat

E32 Chaseboat

"All our boats are focused on enjoying today.


 - But without destroying tomorrow."

Nathan Baker.

NEW - JR Yachts C7 

This stunning NEW C7 is a 7 meter electric picnic cruiser that is designed to be easily towed with a small family car, ensuring more fun times out with family and friends.

Contact us today to arrange a sea trial A photo of The Classic 7 electric day boat on lake Windermere
An immage of - an electric day boat from JR Yachts

The X8 is easily to control with a joystick and can sail sideways or diagonally. This makes the boat incredibly easy to manoeuvre, even mooring in a tight spot in has become a piece of cake!  boating with JR Yachts Classic 7 up in the lake district.
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