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Silent Yachting is extremely proud to offer the full range of Electric Boats for sale from a number of leading brand within their categories.


With the full range of electric Sailing Boats available from Domani Yachts.

And a full range of 100% electric Power boats from the master craftsmen at JR Yachts for sale. Operating at the cutting edge of of the latest technology JR Yachts are delivering a sublime hassle free boating experience.

Silent Yachting is also delighted to be able to offer for sale in the sensational electric live aboard boating from UK Boat Builder Floating Ohm with a selection of wide beam’s and narrowboats.


All of which available for sale in the UK, through 

Please do feel free to drop us a line or give us a call to see how we can help with your electric boating requirements..  JR Yachts - Classic 7 Electric day boat
A photo of a young couple enjoying a glass of somthing special in the sunshine on the back of the beautiful Domani S32
RemigoOne is the first product in maritime history to be awarded the DesignEuropa Award for design and intellectual property by the European Union Intellectual Property Office – EUIPO.  enjoying Silaing the Domani S32L
A photo of Ajda Bertok award winning Remigo designer in a tender using RemigoOne
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