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RemigoOne won the DesignEuropa Award: Marine innovation + sustainability + beauty

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

RemigoOne – small integrated electric outboard motor of next generation – is the first nautical product ever to be awarded this award by the European Union Intellectual Property Office – EUIPO.

This year nearly 700 submissions were received from all corners of Europe, showcasing the very best in design. The competition was fierce, but the jury, headed by French designer Isabelle Vérilhac, carefully selected two exceptional designs; one in SME category and one in Industry category.

Introducing RemigoOne, the world's first fully integrated, one size fits all, lightweight electric outboard motor, designed by young Slovenian

designer Ajda Bertok.

RemigoOne already won a number of awards but DesignEuropa Award is the most prestigious one:

- DAME Design Awards METSTRADE - Special mention 2021,

- Green Product Award – Winner 2023,

- MUVE Yacht Project at Salone Nautico Venezia – Honorary mention 2021,

- Made in Slovenia – Selection of Design Excellence 2022,

- B.I.G. Awards – Winner 2022,

- Golden Manus Award Winner 2023

Small and Medium Enterprises: RemigoOne sails to victory

RemigoOne was crowned the winner in the Small and Emerging Companies category. A product that refines design excellence, RemigoOne is an electric outboard motor for boats and sailboats. Designed by Ajda Bertok for the Slovenian company Remigo, the motor is lightweight and easy to transport and use, even for people with no nautical know-how. It is manufactured in Slovenia and suitable for all types of boats up to 1 500 kg. The design is guided by innovation and sustainability principles. RemigoOne impressed the jury with its compact and user-friendly design, zero-emission motor and the innovative technology behind the product.

Marko Vrtovec, founder and CEO of Remigo: “DesignEuropa Award is a great recognition of our ground-breaking work on designing RemigoOne. Our first product; the compact outboard motor is built exclusively upon users' expectations: what would an ideal outboard motor look like and how it should function. We set ourselves the goal: to make the most user-friendly outboard motor in the world that anybody can use. According to the reactions of expert juries and enthusiasm of our customers we believe we have accomplished the goal.”

Ajda Bertok, (above) the designer of RemigoOne said: “I am very happy that all the effort that we put into designing RemigoOne was acknowledged and so well received by colleagues designers and users alike. Now we see that was all worth it: hours and days of users observations and interviews, numerous prototypes, rigorous testing… Nothing great comes easy!”

See & try RemigoOne in person at these trade shows:

- Cannes Yachting Festival - 12 to 17 September 2023, stand number PALAIS 047

- METSTRADE Amsterdam – 15 to 17 November 2023, stand number 07.208

- International Charter Expo ICE'23 Zagreb – 6 to 8 December 2023

- BOOT Dusseldorf – 20 to 28 Januar 2024

More about it in the video and on EUIPO website:

More about DesignEuropa Awards 2023:

Official EUIPO press release:

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