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Canal Drive 5kW | 10kW | 20kW

Electric inboard Canal Drive 10kW

The Canal Drive 5 is a clever new electric drive train alternative to the traditional stern tube and shaft seal arrangements, now available to upgrade your boat into your very own electric dream…  Available through Lightning crafts sales partner

This kit offers a liquid cooled closed circuit propulsion drive-train system so no need to worry about the cooling system becoming blocked with debris from the waterways. And resulting in a highly efficient almost silent cruising, leaving nothing but a few ripples in the water from whence you came. (With compatible battery systems also available if required)

Inboard electric Canal Drive
  1. A weld-in steel tube of 120mm OD is fixed into the swim end in position of the shaft centre.

  2. Inside this thick wall steel tube is a bronze bearing carrier and thrust bearings that holds the prop shaft and shaft seals all in one. The heavy-duty bearings take care of all the axial and radial loads of the propeller and motor, reducing the noise of the drive system and improving performance.

  3. On the inboard end of this unit an adapter flange is fixed followed by the propulsion motor.

an immage of an Electric canal drive 20kW

One of the benefits of this assembly is that it provides an extremely compact stern gear and propulsion system, On average this assembly is 75% shorter than a traditional stern tube assembly and diesel engine! - Whilst also obviously being even more friendly to the inland waterways, unlike using the traditional greaser type of shaft seal which will need much more maintenance whilst cumulatively pumping harmful grease into our wonderful waterways all year round.. Every year. (along with the excess fuel and oil etc from the exhaust).

A solid construction and twin lip seals mean there is hardly any maintenance of these rugged units.  And should servicing be required, all seals and bearings etc are all held in stock and can happily be replaced. (Although this is not expected for at least 5 years+).

SRP – £8,950 *inc VAT

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