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Lightning Craft logo a lightnig bolt with the words lightning craft

Silent Yachting is extremely proud to have been appointed as sales partner for Lightning Craft. - Next generation marine electric motors and drivetrains helping to de-carbonise the marine industry.

Contact us today for all your electric re-power solutions.  

An immage of the Lightning Craft electric boat motor Direct Drive 20kw

The Lightning Craft range of electric inboard motors and complete drive train options starts at 5kw moving all the way up to 200kW motors with hydraulic capabilities for larger vessels.

Lightning Craft was born from necessity in early 2020 when founder Josh Masters began to question the longevity of his career in the marine diesel trade. Sensing a shift towards electric, he began his odyssey in search of alternative propulsion solutions. Although this proved difficult initially. Electric motors exist in almost every industry, so sourcing them wasn’t a problem. However, finding motors that matched the performance of a diesel engine wasn’t so straightforward, and applying the technology to a marine situation was again.. Testing to say the least.

Front view of the Lightning Craft electric boat motor Direct Drive 20kW

The vast majority of suppliers were hesitant about the idea of fitting such powerful, high-current motor electrics into boats floating about in the water. And those suppliers that had suitable motors were then reluctant to deal with the small number of units required at the time, for all the initial research and the development stages of Lightning Craft’s project.

However, after many calls, emails and referrals, Josh met with Phil Eagleton of Voltsport…

Phil has spent the last 10 years integrating electric motors into a variety of industries, including the marine sector, though his focus had previously been on the auto and aviation sectors. Voltsport is the UK and Ireland importer for the Engiro, Motenergy and Sevcon products and has an absolute wealth of experience.

Electric propulsion in the marine industry had indeed lagged behind the auto sector but was just beginning to catch up, and the meeting between Lightning Craft and Voltsport couldn’t have been at a better time.

The electric shift was going mainstream! so Phil and Josh entered a partnership with the goal of promoting electric propulsion technologies in the marine world. Today, this is successfully happening on numerous levels, from personal pleasure-craft to commercial applications. All through the Lightning Craft brand.

With many successful projects now under their belt the team now combined with Silent Yachting Ltd are focused on making highly efficient products helping to de-carbonise the marine sector, whilst also offering the support and service in order serve the marine industry across the UK and abroad.

a picture od the Lightning Craft electric boat motor Direct Drive 5kw
Lightning Craft electric boat motor Canal boat Direct Drive 10kw
The Lightning Craft electric boat motor Canal boat Direct Drive 10kw

Contact us today for more information or discuss options for your new electric drive train requirements.

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