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Electric Outboard Motors | Go Silent for the Enviroment..

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Finally technology has caught up with desire, and electric outboard motors are now a truly a viable reality. And we're not just talking about trolling motors for fishing here...

The most popular electric outboards are those that are powerful enough to use on a tender, something that has similar abilities of a traditional 3hp petrol version, as the benefits of an electric outboard in this size are indeed amazing when comparing to traditional motors.

As an electric motor delivers its power in a VERY different way to its fossil fuel cousins, as it's possible to deliver the same basic performance characteristics you find with a traditional petrol motor, however without wasting quite so much of the energy in the process!

This means in the real world for example a decent 1000w electric outboard is able deliver the same performance characteristics on any vessel weighing up to 1.5 tonnes as any 3hp petrol outboard motor because it delivers the power differently, with less energy waste which is why we say – go silent to help the environment.

So for the first time in a long time, in a long time we have started to see new developments in outboards motors adding even more benefits to their owners for going electric such as.

An image showing the ten stage step button control in both forward reverse steps simple and logical, with the two part bracket for mounting the outboard to the boat, sturdy aluminium build quality with integrated 1085 Wh Li-ion battery and smart battery management module the overall image shows a sleek hydrodynamic powerful electric outboard that looks similar to a rudder.
The ultmate electric outboard motor

  • Waight saving

  • Great storage abilitys

  • Reliability

  • Ease of use

  • Zero maintenance

  • Fuel costs

  • Zero emissions

  • Silent running

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Charge anywhere

  • Durability

  • One size fits all - Compatible with both long shaft and short shaft applications.

With the yachting media now regularly talking about all these wonderful benefits of electric outboard motors you might wonder about what sort of range you will have, and as ever this will depend on the conditions that you are in, but as an example we will use the new incredibly stylish offering from REMIGO electric outboards as there are already plenty of reviews and news on both the Torqeedo and the Epropulsion brands.

REMIGO claim a range of 30nm on an eco-speed setting, but at a more normal cruising speed of 3kts a range of 14nm (25km) or 4,9nm (9.1km) at a full speed of 5kts. All of this being more than enough for the usual tender duties so as to speak, in-fact this can actually all be extended with solar as this particular outboard can also receive a charge from a solar panel whilst running extending the range stated above exponentially!

Although it is also possible to run your Remigo outboard directly from an additional onboard battery further extending your range under power.

An immage of an 18 foot seascape yacht just getting underway with 3 crew onboard and remigo electric outboard proudly angled out of the water on the stern of the boat for all to see.
REMIGO The Ultmate Outboard

Charging an electric outboard is easy too, all to often people are concerned with what could seem like a lengthy charge time if you are not using a fast charger to fully charge an electric outboard however, what many often forget is unlike a petrol outboard motor that you would fill the tank and then run down before refilling, whereas with an electric outboard once you've finished using it you simply pop it back on charge regardless of how much power you've used keeping charging time to a minimum, so next time you come to use your outboard it's already at fully charged and ready to go - no more trudging smelly petrol cans about in the car or the boat or even on a bike or by foot if you've had to walk to a petrol station to fill up your tender!

But if you speak to people who've got one and use them regularly, they wouldn’t go back to a traditional outboard and that says it all.

Electric outboards also offer new opportunities due to their ease of use, as now you might consider popping it in the boot of the car and taking the time to venture for a picnic with family or friends on a local river or down a canal, as it is incredibly refined glidingly allong with only the ripple of the water on the sound of nature surrounding you. - Now truly is the time to go silent to help the environment.

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