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Floating OHM - bespoke electric boating

Floating Ohm logo black transparent .png

Silent Yachting is delighted to have been chosen as Floating Ohm's exclusive sales partner for the United Kingdom

Silent Yachting Floating Ohm sea trials.jpg

Floating Ohm is an exciting new British company focused on developing incredibly efficient bespoke electric boats to enhance the time you spend on-board. 

Silent Yachting inside floating ohm electric boats 2.jpeg
Silent Yachting inside floating ohm electric boats.jpeg

Utilizing the latest naval architecture, Floating Ohm have developed a new hull form specifically to deliver less drag creating a hull that glides effortlessly across the water, whilst combining this with an advanced rudder design allowing for further enhancement of the vessels manoeuvrability.


Working closely with customers offering ergonomic solutions for practical use of space and flow through your boat ensuring you have the boat of your dreams. Floating ohm wide beam bow 2.jpg

If you would like to have an infomal chat about Floating ohm boats do feel free to drop us a line, otherwise please click the button below to visit the Floating Ohm Brand website for more info.. Floating Ohm canal boats
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