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Floating OHM - bespoke electric boating

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Silent Yachting is delighted to have been chosen as Floating Ohm's exclusive sales partner, please do get in touch for a chat if you are looking for your next electric canal boat.

We are also proud to be able to offer fully built hull and superstructure complete with electric drive train all ready to go. Perfect for private individuals, designers and boat builders to finish your boat as you see fit. 

Contact us today for an infomal chat on how we can help you.

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Floating Ohm is an exciting new British company focused on developing incredibly efficient bespoke electric boats enhancing the time you spend on-board. 

 Floating Ohm Boats Ltd was founded by Naomi Hunter having lived abord boats virtually her entire life with her parents when Naomi wanted her own space, it seemed obvious it would be afloat. but it didn’t stop there Naomi and Alistair also wanted to truly embrace the modern technologies available today. 


 As Alistair is a highly regarded fellow of the institute of naval architecture and has indeed been in the industry for many years it was decided to start with a completely blank sheet and to bring canal boat hull forms into the 22nd century as it seems that not much has really changed for a few hundred years!


Having developed these wonderful new designs Naomi set about contacting existing boatbuilders to turn her dream into reality only to discover that they either didn’t want to try or just simply were not able produce what had been designed.

Which left her no choice but to start her own business, and with that Floating Ohm boats was born..

Silent Yachting inside floating ohm electric boats 2.jpeg

We are also now extreamly proud to be able to offer further beautiful interior designs for these ultra effcant electric hulls for both widebeams and narrow boats now available from the winners of the 2023 Crick boat show as seen below from The Bespoke Boat Co. Floating Ohm interas by The Bespoke Boat Co.jpg Floating Ohm interas by The Bespoke Boat Co bathroom.jpg

Utilizing the latest naval architecture, Floating Ohm have developed a new hull form, specifically to deliver less drag creating a hull that glides effortlessly across the water, whilst combining this with an advanced rudder design allowing for further enhancement of the vessels manoeuvrability.

Now when running at full speed the boat produces virtually no bow wave with the improved flow of water from the boats beautiful elliptical bow (complete with stainless steel fair leads as a stylish addition to ensure no damage to your mooring lines)

combined with lateral hull adjustments and a completely new rear swim floating Ohm have managed to improve efficiency of the boat through the water by more than 10% which as you may know is a huge number and vastly beneficial to both owner and the rest of the canal network as the boat produces less damage to the banks of the waterways themselves with the decreased erosion, but also to other users as there is much less chance of disturbing other boats and boaters as you pass by. 

Working closely with customers offering ergonomic design solutions thorough out the process for practical use of space and flow through your boat ensuring you really do have the boat of your dreams. Floating ohm wide beam bow 2.jpg

If you would like to have an infomal chat about Floating ohm boats do feel free to drop us a line, otherwise please click the button below to visit the Floating Ohm Brand website for more info.. Floating Ohm canal boats
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